Country: Egypt


TEData Enterprise Act’s as a Public Cloud Provider for many organizations that provide Infrastructure over cloud. They have VMware as the providing virtualization layer for the cloud. Providing Thousands of VMs and Services to governmental organizations.


TEData as they act as a cloud provider for most organizational organization they are considered from the biggest Telco providers. Thus receiving many requests internally and externally to provide many services. TEData environment makes the administration of the virtualized infrastructure is time consuming and affects the CAPEX and OPEX. In addition to that, you have to go through multiple teams for example to provision VMs or Infrastructure for the external organizations with certain customizations and requirements.


Our target was to manage and automate the administration and requests coming on TEData Cloud and providing self-service portal for customers’ requests on TEData Cloud. We managed the virtualization infrastructure by using Cloudforms to manage the current virtualization providers by creating a catalog of IAAS services for each customer. Next in line was automating tasks that were performed by various teams; for example, the open source solution PHPIPAM was used to keep an inventory of available IP addresses in each subnet and cloudforms was integrated with the PHPIPAM to automate the process of provisioning IP addresses to newly created machines. Integrating Customers Authentication with Active Directory and by sending notification completion by mail.