Etisalat Egypt


Country: Egypt


Etisalat Egypt are working on Sparc Servers for their Critical Applications Environment, by creating LDoms and configuring Oracle RAC over this LDoms , this environment is backed with EMC VMAX Storage for the centralized shared storage across LDoms .


Etisalat Egypt having a variety of applications and workload on sparc servers. By Creatings LDoms and over this LDoms they are configuring Oracle RAC (Cluster) then sharing LUNs from the backend storage which is EMC VMAX , this is a critical Production environment , so when any application or any oracle updates and patches released it must be tested but this is time consuming task to make a like production environment for testing for example taking a clone of the database takes an hour regardless it’s size .


Our target was to manage and automate the building of the test environment to be as same as the production environment. By introducing Cloudforms and Ansible into the environment integration with Oracle SPARC server to create a new LDoms and take the same configuration of the application over the Production environment and to by getting the information of the LUNs created on VMAX, after the provisioning takes place, ansible take over to push the configuration of the application and to build the oracle RAC with the LUNs exposed from the backend storage.