VMware vRealize Automation: Orchestration and Extensibility

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Code VMware vRealize Automation Duration 40 Hours

  • During this five-day course, you focus on using VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™ to extend the functionality of VMware vRealize® Automation™.
  • You learn how to provide XaaS (Anything as a Service) and implement Machine Lifecycle Extensibility using the VMware vRealize® Automation™ Event Broker.
  • You also learn how to create vRealize Orchestrator workflows and vRealize Automation ABX actions.
  • You learn about various features, including basic scripting implementation along with logic processing to implement a variety of functions to use in your environment.
  • This course teaches implementing debugging, loops, conditions, and user interactions in vRealize Orchestrator.
  • The course introduces the new vRealize Orchestrator HTML 5 interface, along with API calls and REST functions, to give you the groundwork to implement a variety of plugins and scripts.
  • This course is designed to give you the tools to craft custom solutions in the product.
  • Describe the features and benefits of integrating vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation.
  • Describe the role of vRealize Orchestrator workflows and content elements in automation.
  • Use the vRealize Orchestrator client to access and navigate the vRealize Orchestrator platform.
  • Use the vRealize Orchestrator client to import and run vRealize Orchestrator library workflows.
  • Design, develop, and run custom reusable vRealize Orchestrator workflows.
  • Integrate vRealize Automation with vRealize Orchestrator to deliver custom IT services.
  • Use the vRealize Automation event broker service to trigger specific vRealize Orchestrator workflows.
  • Leverage the event broker to extend IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) machine lifecycle processes.
  • Use XaaS to extend vRealize Automation into other enterprise systems.
  • Use VMware APIs to run vRealize Orchestrator workflows.
  • Experienced VMware administrators, automation and orchestration specialists, system integrators, and private cloud and public cloud administrators.
  • This course requires the following prerequisites: Knowledge of VMware vSphere®.
  • This course requires the following prerequisites: VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.x] course or equivalent knowledge.
  • This course requires the following prerequisites: Working knowledge of scripting or programming using JavaScript, Windows PowerShell, Perl, Java, Python, or similar languages. All code is provided during class.

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